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A leading company in development, manufacturing and marketing smart solutions for agriculture, gardening and industry for over 70 years.

Agrekal develops, manufactures and markets lightweight growth substrates and unique mixtures for sowing and planting, which are based on our products- Perlite and Vermiculite, minerals of volcanic origin that overgo a unique process of swelling in extremely high temperatures in our plant.

Agrekal is a member of the Israeli council for green building, permitted to mark its products with a green label and obtains the ISO-9001 international standard.

Our products

Perlite is a volcanic stone which is created as a result of the confluence between liquid lava and sea water. Later on, the Perlite undergoes a unique swelling process in extremely high temperatures in Agrekal plants. Due to the products' unique qualities, an extremely lightweight, heat insulated, flavorless, odorless, easy to transport and a high liquid adsorption ability, Perlite is used in various fields in the industry. It is used in agriculture, landscaping, building, pharmaceuticals, and in the field of animal husbandry and feeding.
Vermiculite is a mineral that derives from a volcanic rock. It undergoes a unique swelling process in high temperatures in which, as a result, becomes swollen and airy. Vermiculite is lightweight, sterile, contains a high water holding capacity and has a high absorption and adsorption ability, it is insulated and fire resistant. The vermiculite can be purchased in a few designated sizes, fitted by demand.
A smart, innovative solution for the limitations and fading of the soil and its decrease of crop. The Agrebag is a leading combination between a unique Geotechnical fabric and Perlite, which is used as an excellent growth substrate for many crops, due to its qualities, such as being lightweight, mobile, along with having a high water and air holding capacity. The Agrebag gives maximum control in irrigation and fertilization and can be reused for an extended period of time.
Mixtures that constitute as precise and meticulous combination of mineral and organic materials for special crops that require extra preciseness on the quality of the growth substrate, planting and growing of the plant. All mineral materials are manufactured with a strict preciseness on quality standards. The Agremix is produced with designated equipment in Agrekal plants. The combination of Perlite, which supplies the plant oxygen and water, and organic materials, that are added to the Agremix, grants the plant everything it requires in order to develop in a successful and high-quality form.

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